Partial Discography: (video at bottom of page)

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RC = Recorded
MX = Mixed
PR = Produced
PE = Performed
MS = Mastered


-Setting – “At Black Mountain College Museum” – Listen/Buy – MS
-Harry James – “Off the Record” Listen/Buy – MX/MS
-Ester – “Laundry” Listen/Buy – RC/MX/MS
-Finom – “Ohmme” Listen/Buy -MS
-Matthew Davis – “Conversation with the Wind” Listen/Buy – RC/MX/MS
-Tim Daisy – “One Table <> One Chair: 24 Improvisations on a Drum: Listen/Buy – RC/MX/MS
-Jordan Martins – “Fogery Nagles” Listen/Buy – MX/MS
-Setting – “Shone a Rainbow Light On” Listen/Buy -RC/MX
-You Are The Garden -“Six Leaf Clover” Listen/Buy – MS
-Maeve & Quinn – “Another Door” Listen/Buy -PR/RC/MX
-Jaimie Branch – “Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((World War)) listen/buy – PE
-Strinning & Daisy – “Castle and Sun” listen/buy/ – RC/MX
-Snek Trio – “Everything is Fine Until it Isn’t” – Listen/Buy – RC/MX
-Alta Vista – “Alta Vista” listen/buy – MS
-Elizabeth Moen – “For Arthur” listen/buy – MS
-Chad McCullough – “The Charm of Impossibilites” listen/buy -RC
-Elizabeth Moen – “That Summer Feeling” – MX/MS
-Dave McDonnell’s 5th World – “Mammals” listen/buy -RC/MX
-Thomas Comerford – “Spell of Protection b/w Those Who Fear Tomorrow (feat. Mar Caribe)” listen/buy – RC/MX
-Ben Roidl-Ward – “Moonhead” listen/buy – RC/MX
-KVL – “Volume 2” listen/buy -RC/MX/PR
-Gerald Bailey – “Migration Climate” listen/buy – MX
-Miirrors – “Motion and Picture” listen/buy – RC
-Judson Claiborne – “Live Active Culture, Vol 1” listen/buy -PR/RC/MX/PE
-Wills Mckenna Path Quintet -“If Only Later…” listen/buy -RC


-Harry James – “Harried” listen/buy – MX/MS
-Elijah Berlow – “Put Out Fires” listen/buy -PE/MX/MS
-Rooms – “Sit Down” listen/buy -RC
-Elijah Berlow – “Friends in Distant Galaxies” listen/buy MX/MS
-Break/Fix – “Conduit” listen/buy – MS
-Ben Zucker’s Fifth Season – “Semiterritory” listen/buy MX/MS
-Ethan Philion – “Meditiations on Mingus” listen/buy RC/MX/MS
-Airan Wright – “Error Cancellation” listen/buy MS
-Marques Carroll – “Foundations” listen/buy – RC/MX
-Tommaso Moretti – “Inside Out” listen/buy MS
-Al Daibes – “Baby’s First Breakup Album” MS
-Angela James – “Now That I Have You” listen/buy MS
-Elizabeth Moen – “Sorry That I Love You” listen/buy MS
-Rob Clearfield & Quin Kirchner – “Concentric Orbits” listen/buy RC/MX
-James Davis’ Beveled – “Remain Calm” listen/buy RC/MX
-Roommate – “Hold On” listen/buy  MX/MS


-Circuit Des Yeux – “-io” Listen/Buy PE
-Liam Kazar – “Lagniappe Session” Listen/Buy MS
-Maeve & Quinn – “star-crossed” Listen/Buy MX/MS
-Woodrow Hart and The Haymaker – “Find The Bottom”  Listen/Buy 
-Dried Spider – “Everything Is Touching” Listen/Buy MX
-Roommate – “Inner Light” Listen/Buy MX/MS
-Daniel Thatcher – “Waterwheel” Listen/Buy MX
-Silbo Gomero – “Here Comes The Beast” Listen/Buy RC
-Marques Carroll – “The Ancestors’ Call” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Bill MacKay & Nathan Bowles – “Keys” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Minor Moon – “Tethers” Listen/Buy PE
-Quinn Tsan – “Heavy Feathers” Listen/Buy RC
-Lizzie Kirchner – “Meeting Myself” Listen/Buy PE/MX/MS
-Shivering Sands – “Sound for Practice: Vol. 1” Listen/Buy MX/MS
-Harry James – “Buy the Numbers” Listen/Buy MX


-Dried Spider -“Deepest Silence” Listen/Buy MX
-Apiary -“Apiary” Listen/Buy RC
-Judson Claiborne -“When a Man Loves an Omen” Listen/Buy MX
-Macie Stewart and Lia Kohl – “Recipe For a Boiled Egg” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Judson Claiborne -“The Trimmergrant” Watch Video PE/MX
-Ohmme -“Mine/Miasma” Listen/Buy MS
-Roommate -“French Disko” Listen/Buy PE/MX/MS
-Restroy -“Sketches” Listen/Buy RC/MX/MS
-Dried Spider -“Cardio” Listen/Buy MX
-Half Gringa -“Force to Reckon” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Eli Winter -“Unbecoming” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Half Gringa -“Transitive Property” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Roommate -“Bystander” Listen/Buy MX/MS/PE
-Scott McGaughey -“You Don’t Need a Key To Leave” Listen/Buy MX
-Black Bear Combo -“Zeleno Selo/Pena” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Matt Ulery -“Pollinator” Listen/Buy RC
-Vine Street Alternative -“Boffo” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Half Gringa -“Afraid Of Horses” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-The Fruit Stare -“We Is The Temple” Listen/Buy PE/RC/MX
-Dried Spider -“Everything Is Touching” Listen/Buy MX
-Quin Kirchner -“The Shadows and the Light”  Listen/Buy PE/RC/MX
-Varaha -“Reves” Listen/Buy  PE/MX/MS
-Fifth Season -“Amalgam” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Nomi Epstein -“Sounds” Listen/Buy RC
-Half Gringa -“1990” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Dustin Laurenzi’s Snaketime -“Behold” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-NIIKA -“Close But Not Too Close” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PE
-Connor Bernhard -“Altitude” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-85 Bears -“85 Bears” Listen/Buy RC
-Errata -“Many People Are Unenthusiastic About Your Work” Listen/Buy RC
-Roommate -“Capacitor” Listen/Buy MX/MS
-Dried Spider -“Everybody Wins” Listen/Buy  Watch RC/MX
-Niika -“Blue Smoke” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Niika -“Girl of an Arc” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Unspooling -“Unspooling” Listen/Buy MX
-Future Hits -“Future Hits and the Power of Discovery” Listen/Buy PE
-Silbo Gomero -“Here Comes the Beast” Watch RC


-Health & Beauty -“Shame Engine/Blood Pleasure” Listen/Buy PE
-The Handsome Family -“Capitol City” Listen/Buy RC
-KVL -“Volume 1” Listen/Buy PR/RC/MX
-Tim Daisy -“Staklo: Music For Glass Instruments” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Half Gringa -“Wearing White” on Bloodshot Records’ “Too Late to Pray” Listen/Buy RC
-Bill MacKay and Katinka Kleijn -“Stir” Listen/Buy MX
-Frank Rosaly’s Todos De Pie -“Todos De Pie” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PE
-Tomeka Reid Quartet -“Old New” Listen/Buy MX
-Akosuen -“At Sea, Five Movements for Violin” Listen/Buy MS
-Jeb Bishop Flex Quartet -“Re-collect” Listen/Buy MX
-Baby Teeth -“Dripping Candle” Listen/Buy MX
-Nature Work -“Nature Work” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Les Vikq -“Dancing” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Varaha -“A Passage For Lost Years” Listen/Buy RC
-Angela James -“Quiet Night” Listen/Buy MX
-Dustin Laurenzi -“Snaketime: The Music of Moondog” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Bill MacKay -“Fountain Fire” Listen/Buy  RC/MX
-Black Diamond -“Chant” Listen/Buy  MX


-Quin Kirchner -“The Other Side of Time” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PE
-Manual Cinema -“Three World War I Poems” Watch RC/MX
-Ty Segall -“Freedom’s Goblin” Listen/Buy PE
-Madness of Crowds -“Tulips” Listen/Buy RC
-Sam Wagster -“The Astronaut’s Laundry” Listen/Buy RC
-Matthew Golombisky’s Quentos -“Volume 3” Listen/Buy RC
-Woodrow Hart & The Haymaker -“Portraits on the Wall” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PR
-Miguel Zenon feat Spektral Quartet -“Yo Soy la Tradicion” (Grammy and Latin Grammy Nominated!)  Listen/Buy RC
-Immediate Family -“Whether Feast, Famine, or Fire” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Hatcher/Maunu/Kirshner -“The Raven and The Dove” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-The Przmatics -“Though Everything Seems Shattered” Listen/Buy MX
-Mike Maimone -“The High Hat Club EP” Listen/Buy RC
-Thomas Comerford -“Blood Moon” Listen/Buy  RC
-Restroy -“Restroy S/T” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Jason Stein’s Locksmith Isadore -“After Caroline” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Manual Cinema -“Poem (I Lived in the First Century of World Wars)” Watch RC/MX


-Quarter Mile Thunder -“Bucking the Tiger” Listen/Buy RC
-Black Diamond -“Mandala” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Ryan Joseph Anderson -“City of Vines” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PE
-Mike Reed’s Flesh & Bone -“Flesh & Bone” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Bill Mackay -“Esker” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Crown Larks -“Population” Listen/Buy RC
-Mucca Pazza -“Trick or Treat” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PR/PE
-Tim Daisy -“Music for Lying Still” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Circuit Des Yeux -“Reaching for Indigo” Listen/Buy PE
-Bitchin Bajas -“Bajas Fresh” Listen/Buy PE
-Przymatics -“Always Stuck Here In Between” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Tim Kasher -“No Resolution” Listen/Buy RC
-Maximo Park: -“Risk to Exist” More Info PE
-Urge Trio -“Live at the Hungry Brain” Listen/Buy MX
-Mind Over Mirrors -“Undying Color” Listen/Buy PE


-Angela James -“Time Will Tell” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PE
-Nate Lepine -“Vorticies” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Living Bridge (self-titled) Listen/Buy RC/MX
-The Fruit Stare -“Summer Marches In” Listen/Buy RC
-Bolthorn -“Menschlich Dammerung” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Dustin Laurenzi’s Natural Language Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Quinn Tsan -“London, KY” Listen/Buy PE
-Mono -“Requiem for Hell” Listen/Buy PE
-Black Bear Combo -“Big Life/Dangerhouse” 7″ Listen/Buy RC/MX


-Roommate -“Make Like” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PE/PR
-Quinn Tsan – “Bedrooms” Watch Video RC/MX
-Hums & Haws – “Wondering Home” Listen/Buy RC/PE
-Magical Beautiful – “Discover Death” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PE
-Mike Reed’s People, Places & Things – “A New Kind of Dance” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Tomeka Reid Quartet – “Tomeka Reid Quartet” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Morry Sochat & the Special 20’s – “Dig In” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Crown Larks – “Blood Dancer” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Frank Rosaly – “Malo” Listen/Buy MX
-Marrow – “Fool” single MS
-Darts & Arrows – “Altimira” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-10×10 – “2015” More Info MX
-Poi Dog Pondering – “Everybody’s Got a Star” More Info PE
-Bhekani Buthelezi & the University of Zululand (Unizulu) Choir MX
-Dave McDonnell Group – “The Time Inside a Year” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Miles Comiskey – “Thoughts Between Love” Listen/Buy MX
-Bill MacKay – “Sunrise” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Peter A. Schmid – “Chicago Conversations” Listen/Buy RC/PE
-One Direction – “Made in the A.M.” Listen PE
-Energie Noire – “Loitering in the Loop” Listen/Buy RC/PE
-Never Enough Hope -“The Gravity of Our Commitment” Listen/Buy PE


-Mucca Pazza -“LYA” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PR/PE
-Lowdown Brass Band -“Lowdown Sounds”Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Tim Daisy & Mikolaj Trzaska -“In This Moment” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Dave McDonnell Group -“The Dragon And The Griffin” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Wilco -“Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994-2014” Listen/Buy PE
-Angela James -“Way Down Deep” Listen/Buy RC/MX


-Casiotone for the Painfully Alone -“In Cambridge” Listen/Buy PE
-Daughn Gibson -“Me Moan” Listen/Buy PE
-Frank Rosaly -“Cicada Music” Listen/Buy MX
-The Urge Trio -“Live in Toledo” Listen/Buy MX
-Inigo Ugarteburu -“For the Unknown” Listen/Buy PE
-H Burns -“Off the Map” Listen PE


-Herculaneum -“Uchu” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PE
-Josh Berman -“There Now” RC/MX
-Jon Drake & The Shakes -“Dear Ulysses” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Mucca Pazza -“Tube Sock Tango: The Song That Defied Memorylessness” Listen/Buy MX/PE
-Mucca Pazza -“Safety Fifth” Listen/Buy E/P
-The Luzern-Chicago Connection -“Live at Jazzfestival Willisau” MX
-Ken Vandermark/Paal Nillsen-Love -“Letter to a Stranger” Listen/Buy RC


-Magical Beautiful -“Here Come the Wild Waves” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PE
-Ga’an -“Black Equus” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Breakway -“Hot Choice” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-The Lawrence Peters Outfit -“What You’ve Been Missin'” Listen/Buy MX
-Jeff Kimmel Quartet -“Charm Offensive” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Darren Johnston -“The Big Lift” Listen/Buy RC


-Wilco -“Kicking Television” Listen/Buy PE
-Bill Mackay -“Bill Mackay and Darts & Arrows” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Mahjongg + Chandeliers -“roule” Listen/Buy MX
-Tyler Jon Tyler -“Tyler Jon Tyler” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Vox Arcana -“Aerial Age” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Tim Kasher -“The Game of Monogamy” Listen/Buy RC
-Sonoi -“Sonoi” Listen/Buy PE
-Herculaneum -“Olives & Orchids” Listen/Buy RC/MX/PE
-James Falzone’s Allos Musica -“Lamentations” Listen/Buy RC/MX
-Scott Lucas and The Married Men -“George Lassos the Moon” Listen/Buy PE


-Jarvis Cocker -“Further Complications” PE
-Cursive -“Mama I’m Swollen” RC/PE
-Beirut -“Real People/March of the Zapotec”
-Buffalo Stance -“Sugar Glider” PE
-Magical Beautiful -“Not Building A Wall But Making a Brick” RC/PE
-Herculaneum -“Herculaneum III” RC/MX/PE
-Bronze -“Calypso Shakedown” PE


-Man Man -“Rabbitt Habits” PE
-The Bird Names -“Open Relationship” RC
-Pit Er Pat -“High Time” PE
-Head of Femur -“Great Plains” PE
-Poi Dog Pondering -“7” RC/PE
-Chandeliers -“The Thrush” MX
-Magical Beautiful -“Right Rock” PE


-Baby Teeth -“The Simp” PE
-Keefe Jackson’s Project Project -“Just Like This” PE
-Ben Weaver -“Paper Sky” PE
-The 1900’s -“Cold & Kind” PE


-The M’s -“Future Women” PE
-The Grates -“Gravity Won’t Get You High” PE
-Akron/Family -“Meek Warrior” PE
-Herculaneum -“Orange Blossom” PE
-Mucca Pazza -“A Little Marching Band” PE


-Head of Femur -“Hysterical Stars” PE
-Volcano! -“Beautiful Seizure” PE
-Archer Prewitt -“Wilderness” PE
-Devin Davis -“Lonely People of the World, Unite!” PE
-Chris Mills -“Wall to Wall Sessions” PE


-Icy Demons -“Fight Back” PE
-Paul Hartsaw Tentet -“Chicago 2004” PE