Partial Discography

E=engineering, P=performing


Ty Segall “Freedom’s Goblin” Listen/Buy P
Quin Kirchner “The Other Side of Time” Listen/Buy E/P


Quarter Mile Thunder “Bucking the Tiger” Listen/Buy E
Black Diamond “Mandala” Listen/Buy E
Ryan Joseph Anderson “City of Vines” Listen/Buy E/P
Mike Reed’s Flesh & Bone “Flesh & Bone” Listen/Buy E
Bill Mackay “Esker” Listen/Buy E
Crown Larks “Population” Listen/Buy E
Mucca Pazza “Trick or Treat” Listen/Buy E/P
Tim Daisy “Music for Lying Down” Listen/Buy E
Circuit Des Yeux “Reaching for Indigo” Listen/Buy P
Bitchin Bajas “Bajas Fresh” Listen/Buy P
Przymatics E
Tim Kasher “No Resolution” Listen/Buy E
Maximo Park: “Risk to Exist” More Info P
Mind Over Mirrors “Undying Color” Listen/Buy P


Angela James “Time Will Tell” Listen/Buy E/P
Nate Lepine “Vorticies” Listen/Buy E
Living Bridge (self-titled) Listen/Buy E
The Fruit Stare “Summer Marches In” Listen/Buy E
Bolthorn “Menschlich Dammerung” Listen/Buy E
Dustin Laurenzi’s Natural Language Listen/Buy E
Quinn Tsan “London, KY” Listen/Buy P
Mono “Requiem for Hell” Listen/Buy P
Black Bear Combo “Big Life/Dangerhouse” 7″ Listen/Buy E


Roommate- “Make Like” Listen/Buy E/P
Quinn Tsan – “Bedrooms” Watch Video E
Hums & Haws – “Wondering Home” Listen/Buy E/P
Magical Beautiful – “Discover Death” Listen/Buy E/P
Mike Reed’s People, Places & Things – “A New Kind of Dance” Listen/Buy P
Tomeka Reid Quartet – “Tomeka Reid Quartet” Listen/Buy E
Morry Sochat & the Special 20’s – “Dig In” Listen/Buy E
Crown Larks – “Blood Dancer” Listen/Buy E
Frank Rosaly – “Malo” Listen/Buy E
Marrow – “Fool” single More Info E
Darts & Arrows – “Altimira” Listen/Buy E
10×10 – “2015” More Info E
Poi Dog Pondering – “Everybody’s Got a Star” More Info P
Bhekani Buthelezi & the University of Zululand (Unizulu) Choir E
Dave McDonnell Group – “The Time Inside a Year” Listen/Buy E
Miles Comiskey – “Thoughts Between Love” Listen/Buy E
Bill MacKay – “Sunrise” Listen/Buy E
Peter A. Schmid – “Chicago Conversations” Listen/Buy E/P
One Direction – “Made in the A.M.” Listen P
Energie Noire – “Loitering in the Loop” Listen/Buy E/P
Never Enough Hope “The Gravity of Our Commitment” Listen/Buy P


Mucca Pazza “LYA” Listen/Buy E/P
Lowdown Brass Band “Lowdown Sounds”Listen/Buy E
Tim Daisy & Mikolaj Trzaska- “In This Moment” Listen/Buy E
Dave McDonnell Group “The Dragon And The Griffin” Listen/Buy E
Wilco “Alpha Mike Foxtrot: Rare Tracks 1994-2014″ Listen/Buy P
Angela James “Way Down Deep” Listen/Buy E/P


Casiotone for the Painfully Alone “In Cambridge” Listen/Buy P
Daughn Gibson “Me Moan” Listen/Buy P
Frank Rosaly “Cicada Music” Listen/Buy E
The Urge Trio “Live in Toledo” Listen/Buy E
Inigo Ugarteburu “For the Unknown” Listen/Buy P
H Burns “Off the Map” Listen P


Herculaneum “Uchu” Listen/Buy E/P
Josh Berman “There Now” E
Mucca Pazza “Tube Sock Tango: The Song That Defied Memorylessness” Listen/Buy E/P
Mucca Pazza “Safety Fifth” Listen/Buy E/P
The Luzern-Chicago Connection “Live at Jazzfestival Willisau” E
Ken Vandermark/Paal Nillsen-Love “Letter to a Stranger” Listen/Buy E


Magical Beautiful “Here Come the Wild Waves” Listen/Buy E/P
Ga’an “Black Equus” Listen/Buy E
Breakway “Hot Choice” Listen/Buy E
The Lawrence Peters Outfit “What You’ve Been Missin'” Listen/Buy E
Jeff Kimmel Quartet “Charm Offensive” Listen/Buy E
Darren Johnston “The Big Lift” Listen/Buy E


Wilco “Kicking Television” Listen/Buy P
Bill Mackay “Bill Mackay and Darts & Arrows” Listen/Buy E
Mahjongg + Chandeliers “roule” Listen/Buy
Tyler Jon Tyler “Tyler Jon Tyler” Listen/Buy
Vox Arcana “Aerial Age” Listen/Buy
Tim Kasher “The Game of Monogamy” Listen/Buy
Sonoi “Sonoi” Listen/Buy
Herculaneum “Olives & Orchids” Listen/Buy
James Falzone’s Allos Musica “Lamentations” Listen/Buy
Scott Lucas and The Married Men “George Lassos the Moon” Listen/Buy


Jarvis Cocker “Further Complications”
Cursive “Mama I’m Swollen”
Beirut “Real People/March of the Zapotec”
Buffalo Stance “Sugar Glider”
Magical Beautiful “Not Building A Wall But Making a Brick”
Herculaneum “Herculaneum III”
Bronze “Calypso Shakedown


Man Man “Rabbitt Habits”
The Bird Names “Open Relationship”
Pit Er Pat “High Time”
Head of Femur “Great Plains”
Poi Dog Pondering “7”
Chandeliers “The Thrush”
Magical Beautiful “Right Rock


Baby Teeth “The Simp”
Keefe Jackson’s Project Project “Just Like This”
Ben Weaver “Paper Sky”
The 1900’s “Cold & Kind”


The M’s “Future Women”
The Grates “Gravity Won’t Get You High”
Akron/Family “Meek Warrior”
Herculaneum “Orange Blossom”
Mucca Pazza “A Little Marching Band”


Head of Femur “Hysterical Stars”
Volcano! “Beautiful Seizure”
Archer Prewitt “Wilderness”
Devin Davis “Lonely People of the World, Unite!”
Chris Mills “Wall to Wall Sessions”


Icy Demons “Fight Back”
Paul Hartsaw Tentet “Chicago 2004”