Nick Broste is an audio engineer and musician who works in a wide variety of situations, ranging from creative improvisation to indie/alternative, folk and new music/classical forms. He has engineered hundreds of recordings and performed all over the world, from tiny clubs and basements to huge festivals and live television.

Having spent much of his youth obsessed with music but isolated in a small Midwestern town, Nick moved to Chicago, where he attended music school and began performing in the city and on the road, all the while soaking up any new sounds he could find. Touring with bands led to performing in the recording studio, which birthed a love for the capture, manipulation and reproduction of audio.

In 2005 Nick moved into the Shape Shoppe, an underground music, art and living space with a DIY 16 track analog studio, where he was able to experiment and teach himself how to record, which led to re-designing and rebuilding the entire space in 2008. At the same time Nick began mixing bands live in venues, trying to give both the musicians and audiences the best experience possible. This spirit of removing the obstacles of artistic expression for artists is the driving force for Nick’s work to this day, no matter which side of the microphone he is on.

Nick can currently be found working freelance in studios such as Electrical Audio, Shirk, Palisade, Narwhal and Jamdek in Chicago, around the world and wherever interesting sounds are being made.

Nick is available to work with you in the studio or on location anywhere, as well as remotely over the internet.

What dreams do you have for your music? To start the conversation contact me below. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!