Tuesday, January 22, 2013

catch up!

2013 has been blowing by, i can't believe it's almost february! lots of exciting projects are in motion:

Magical Beautiful tracked 5 new songs in december at the shape shoppe, we're polishing up a few more songs and laying those down soon.

we began work on the new Roommate record in early jan at Soma Electronic Music Studios, my first time behind the board at John McEntire's very fine studio. 

Frank Rosaly's got another record in the can and off to mastering, a combination of his Cicada Music and Scrappers projects, out on Delmark Records later this year.

Mixing has begun on tracks recorded in Haiti by Travis Yarak of Messiah Brown Productions, some really fun beats and tracks to work on. 

work is also revving up on post production work for the beautiful feature film The Poisoner, the second feature film by Chris Hefner, with soundtrack by Daniel Knox.

here is the trailer:
The Poisoner ~ Official Teaser Trailer from Chris Hefner on Vimeo.